I am a creative designer, artist and consultant based in Bali, Indonesia.

I started KT JEWEL in Melbourne, Australia in 1999 inspired by the Jewellery I sourced in Europe. 22 years later I am still actively producing collections for www.KTjewel.com and commissions for wedding rings.

Since arriving in Bali in 2006 I found myself inspired and obsessed with tropical architecture and interior design. I built my first home VILLA ROMA in 2010 where I combined my love for Mediterranean designs and the tropics.

In 2015 I began building and renovating more villas in Bali for my portfolio and for other clients. Speaking Indonesian after 15 years has helped the process to build, renovate, design and build a strong list of suppliers/wholesalers.

I love to create magical inspiring spaces. My work is always a fusion of styles that come together in a balanced way to provide an inspiration and comfortable place to live or work.